On the mat skills, for off the mat living.

Functional yoga, breathwork, and meditation for improving physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing in rural NSW:

Customized in-home, on-site, and online  for:

  • Individuals
  • Groups
  • Staff and clients
  • Hospitals and clinics 
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Emergency services and first responders 
  • Workplace wellness 
  • Special events
  • Prevention, education, and awareness.
  • And general public group classes 

Rewire Your Inner Resources For Recovery.

Self Regulation

Self-regulation skills are vital for being able to direct our thoughts, feelings, actions, and behaviors towards what is helpful, and away from what is harmful. 

Stress Resilience

Before, during, and after stress, you can help the body process and release tension to minimize the risk of it impacting your health long term.

Value Your Life

 "Move, but not in the way fear makes you move".

Don't stay stuck. Start moving, keep moving, get momentum, get your life back and keep it!

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