Our Mission is to

Empower people to access and value their own inner resources for greater health and wellbeing,


Increase the understanding and use of effective lifestyle interventions for better recovery outcomes.

Everywhere you go, there you are.

But do you have conscious control over your own thoughts, feelings, actions, and behaviors most of the time?

 The challenges we face may end up causing us to lose our capacity to make wise choices, along with our sense of control, connection, relationships, health, and more. Before we know it, weeks, months, or even years go by and the 'I'm fine' mask gets harder to wear, and even harder to take off. We start rationalizing pretty irrational behaviors and our health can suffer greatly.

Recognition Leads to Regulation.

Consistent yoga practice has been proven to help individuals self-regulate by enhancing their ability to recognize feelings and sensations within the body, and proactively reduce the risk of the discomfort turning into distress.

 This is especially important for those struggling with the symptoms of addiction, mental illness, or poor health in all stages of recovery.

The Medication Monster.

Some people have the extra work of trying to counteract medication side effects that make life difficult in other ways, such as rapid weight gain, lethargy, fluid retention, brain fog, sleep disturbances, sexual dysfunction, and so on. Regular exercise and adequate nutrition are recommended to support the efficacy of medications, as well for those working towards reducing their need for biological assistance.

Progress Over Perfection.

It takes practice to allow your body to have physical experiences that directly contradict the long-term effects of suffering. Yoga can be that experience.

Practicality and Personalisation.

We establish how to practically and logistically improve your functioning from the time, space, resources, and ability available to you, your group, business, or organization. We also take into account your temperament, personality, preferences, learning speed and style, and intentions to truly cater to your immediate and long-term needs.


Use yoga practice as a foundation for momentum and see improvement in other areas of your life.

Establish a sense of ownership over your own body and mind with help from Instrumental Yoga and,

 Enjoy what its like to be uniquely you!

Why Choose Us

Complimentary to Clinical Care.

Evidence-based lifestyle intervention. Amplify pharmacological and clinical treatments with the skills that can be gained through regular yoga practice whilst also strengthening physical health. Mindfulness allows you to observe your patterns to increase your internal auto-correct guidance system. The breath is an instrument with direct access to the nervous system and is available to us at all times when we know how to take advantage of it. 

Safety First

Each qualified yoga instructor holds current: 

Mental Health First Aid 

First Aid and CPR

Blue Card: Working with Children

Yellow Card: Working with Adults with Disability

Dementia Friend Certified

Community Services/Mental Health qualification

Lived Experience Peer Support

Compassion and empowerment from instructors who have a deep relatability from experiencing the heaviness, numbness, and lethargy of depression, the stomach shakes of anxiety, being wired but tired from hypervigilance, the weight gain of medication, the stiffness from staying stationary, the brain fog of insomnia and the sick and toxic effects of substance misuse. We also have lived experience with the vitality and joy that comes with recovery. 

No Teachers in Tights!

We have nothing against tights, but while teaching we respect that it can be a source of discomfort for some clients who are feeling fragile and intimidated by activewear. 

We encourage you to wear what ever you feel comfortable in.

Owner and Founder:

Angelica Johnson.

My 'Full Circle' was a big freakin circle!

Monkey - Monkey Mind - Mindfulness:

I just wanted to be a monkey when I grew up, but all I got was monkey mind, and now I'm a mindfulness teacher. Nailed it in just under 40 years!

Instability during childhood made life confusing, and my teen and adult years weren't that much better, just add drugs and alcohol. I didn't mature in the ways I needed to in order to keep any progress I made. In retrospect, my patterns, behaviors, and addictions made total sense considering I had PTSD and ADHD/ADD, but both weren't diagnosed until age 33 and 35 respectively and both from a hospital bed.

Breakdown to breakthrough.

 Luckily I noticed through self-monitoring that the days I did yoga or breathwork, I had significant improvement. I could use my posture and breathing to be able to sit through uncomfortable feelings or situations. I started experimenting more and within months, was able to function and focus better than ever. I used the focus for extensive study across multiple fields. Instrumental Yoga was born in 2020 in North Brisbane and relocated to rural New South Wales in 2022. 

And now?

Freedom! Life is so different from the hopelessness and chaos of the past. I sleep like a log, I am productive, fulfilled, inspired, and motivated. I enjoy a busy but balanced life in Tarcutta and my favorite thing in the world is laughing. I might be addicted to reading now but I'm ok with that.

Angelica Johnson