Rural Public Classes: Tarcutta Yoga

For physical health and fitness, yoga is useful for improving posture, balance, mobility, flexibility, strength, circulation, cardiac health,

digestion, metabolism, sleep quality, and more.

For mental and emotional health, learn 'on the mat' skills for off the mat living. Consistent yoga, breathwork, and mindfulness meditation may assist with mood stabilisation, self-regulation, impulse control, distress tolerance, learning and comprehension capacity, and general stress management. 

Be less distracted by irritations of the mind and body and focus on what's most meaningful in your life.

Stretch & Strengthen:

Functional fitness and wellbeing:

  • Breathwork and mindfulness
  • Standing, seated, twisting, prone/supine laying yoga poses
  • Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, and Yin Yoga
  • Progressive relaxation and meditation

Move Better Longer:

Mobility and movement for seniors:

  • Standing and chair yoga
  • Balance and coordination focus
  • Gentle mobility stretching and twisting
  • Fun and social (support workers welcome)
  • Progressive relaxation and meditation


Customized private in-home sessions:

  • Personalized yoga for either fitness, endurance and performance, injury or illness recovery, active relaxation stress reduction, or weight management
  • Guided breathwork tutorials
  • Progressive relaxation,
  • Personalized meditation

Functional Recovery Services: Community Support

On-site services for staff and clients: In/Outpatient services for mental health and addictive behaviors programs, rehabilitation centers, 

community centers, emergency services, and first responders, domestic violence support services, NGO's and NFP's, charities, 

local council initiatives, law enforcement, corrections, and government agencies.

Education programs, physical classes, or both. To discuss all options, request a consultation.

Group Health:

In/Out Patient Clients

On Site Services:

Breath mechanics and awareness for self regulation with guided examples,

Self care through self monitoring,

Creating healthy home habits for

relapse prevention tools,

Chair and standing stretch yoga,


Gentle full mat yoga,

Progressive muscle relaxation,

Breath work & Melt Meditation.

Help the Hero's:

Staff and Volunteers

Health, Community, First Responders:

Breath awareness for cumulative stress resilience with guided examples,

Posture tutorials,

Heart Rate Variability for task switching optimization in high pressure environments,

Avoiding burnout,

Self care and healthy home habits,

Chair yoga and standing stretch yoga,


Full yoga,

Progressive muscle relaxation,

Breath work & Melt Meditation.

Working Wellness:

Industry Specific

Education and Awareness:

Brain, body and breath awareness for self regulation,

Recognizing stress in yourself and others,

Manipulating energy levels for productivity,

Industry specific - Optimal posture, balance & coordination,

Self care personally and professionally,

Q&A and yoga session.

Ongoing weekly sessions

Gentle chair yoga or full yoga, 

Breath work,

Progressive muscle Melt Meditation.

Caring for Carers:

Host an Event

Encourage Self Care for Family Carer's:

Provide an evening of informative and relaxing self care and stress management tools for the carers, loved ones and other supportive people in your clients lives. Family of staff members and volunteers welcome.

Breath & body awareness advantages

with guided examples,

Self care & helpful home habits,

Chair yoga & movement,

Guided breath work


progressive muscle relaxation,

Melting Meditation.

Special Occasions:

Healthy Celebrations

Celebrate with Serenity:

If you are tired of the same booze filled events and want to celebrate by being present with the people most important to you, why not speak to Instrumental Yoga about how you can incorporate a yoga, breath work and meditation session into your next birthday, baby shower, hens high tea or house warming.

Or even just for a chill out session with your besties. Let the creative ideas flow and get in touch to make your next sober celebration memorable. 

*Event/party must be free from drugs, tobacco and alcohol.

Corporate Events:

Awake and Aware Audiences

Crowd Care:

Being in a room full of people may be very overwhelming for some of your audience, particularly if life outside of that room is full of stress also. 

Start your meeting/conference/corporate event with breath work and mindfulness specifically aimed for the seated focus required to be truly present for the important things you have to say.

Stimulate the brain to tune in, encourage self care through posture, and tricks for staying alert and aware by tapping into energy reserves via the breath.

Finish the day with a 'tools down' reflection relaxation. Make an impact without the awkward hype mania.

Individual Support

Recovery Yoga:

Individual Support

In-Home Peer Support Yoga:

  • Current state check-in
  • Breathwork progression
  • Cognitive balancing for right/left brain hemispheres - wise mind
  • Personalized Yoga
  • Progressive relaxation and meditation
  • Peer support and stress management

*A support person may be present.

Peer Support:

Remote Service

Phone or video link support:

To complement your current care plan.

Constructive conversations with lived experience peer support staff are ideal for when you may have an especially long wait time between sessions with your treating clinical team.

Calls within Australia only.

Evolution Yoga:

Stay Well

Advancing your practice:

  • Ideal for athletes and sporting teams,
  • Check-in and warm-up breath work,
  • Personalized yoga for fitness, endurance, and performance,
  • Intermediate to advanced breathwork,
  • Progressive relaxation,
  • Customized performance-based visualization meditation

Additional charges may include travel outside of the service area and/or sessions outside of service hours and will be discussed during consultation. 

An ongoing reduced price is applicable after 2 full sessions have been completed.  

Instrumental Yoga is careful to consider your individual circumstances and a cost-effective quote with a range of options for you to choose from will be provided within 24 hours of consultation. Some concessions may be approved at management discretion. Custom packages available.

Session prices are determined by:

  • In-person, on-site, online
  • Length of session
  • Number of sessions - single session, multi booking, ongoing contract
  • Number of participants
  • Area set up/pack down requirements
  • Intensity and type of class
  • Risk factors to Instrumental Yoga staff safety
  • Location - travel outside of service area
  • Time of day - outside of service times
  • Custom packages available

Our Mission is to

Empower people to access and value their own inner resources for greater health and wellbeing;


Increase the understanding and use of lifestyle interventions, such as yoga, for better recovery outcomes.

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